I'm Bat'leth-Man

I finally added a Batman from the current Power Attack line, also known as Mattel's in-house 'evergreen' Batman toyline, to my Bat-collection. Battle Gauntlet Batman, to be precise.

I already own Killer Croc and Joker, but I have held out getting truly into this line until now. (Getting Batman means you're into the line!)

I picked Batman up in anticipation of (and while hunting for) the newest Disc Attack Robin; since having him means I'll need the whole damn Dynamic Duo!

While hunting for and not finding said Robin, I looked over and liked the look of the Klingon Bat'let, I mean Batarang this version comes with. I like it so much in fact that even though I rarely display these figures with their accessories (since the things tend to be so obnoxious, or worse, the figures can't even hold them) this Batman is proudly displayed on my bat-shelf clutching his big bad bladed batarang!

I also like the black/grey color scheme on this figure, even if I'm not very fond of the outer-underwearless look for superheroes, especially for Batman. My other option would have been a blue and grey Batman, with outer-underwear, which is a fine looking figure too. But the accessory/weapon that figure comes with pales in comparison to this one's weapon.

So I settled on this Anti-Klingon Batman.

I had also hoped this Batman would fit into my Fisher-Price Bat-Copter but alas his legs are too long to sit him into the cockpit.

The more I look at this line, the more I like how, while it is clearly very kid oriented, many of the figures draw heavily on the 'Arkham Asylum/Arkham City' video game character designs. This isn't really evident in Batman here, but it shines in the Disc Attack Robin I'm currently seeking, as well as in Killer Croc and Attack in the Box Joker (even though he is more like a Joker goon than the Main Funnyman himself).

It's unfortunate the line will never include a Catwoman or a Harley Quinn, but hopefully it will continue to bring forth fun representations of our favorite Gothamites.

Until then this is a nice, inexpensive, sturdy and easy to find Batman to add to any collection. If only Robin were as easy to track down!


  1. Think about getting a few of these now myself Eric when i have the spare cash. : )

  2. I am awaiting another 4 inch line to come out.

    1. Some, but not all, of these are made in the 4" scale. Target has a five pack with Batman, Robin, Joker and someone else (probably another Batman.)

  3. Not a bad looking figure!
    I don't think I have given these a proper look...will have to do that next time I am at the store. I like it!

    1. It's a line worth looking at, if you dare to add another line to your collection that is!