Weekend Flea Market Haul

Got a chance to hit the flea market this morning. I don't generally like going on Sundays (Saturdays being my preference) because it's a madhouse, and rarely are vendors willing to negotiate on prices when they figure there are hundreds of other schmucks just waiting to pay full price after you're done trying to negotiate a better deal.

But I was wifeless and kidless today, which makes the milling circus sideshow easier to navigate, so I decided to head on out this morning and see what I could find...

Probably the coolest and most surprising find was this Popeye water gun from the seventies/eighties. I've seen similar examples that portray Batman, with their unfortunately placed triggers and plugs, and couldn't pass this one up for the low price of a dollar! I actually talked this one down from two dollars, so maybe people are willing to haggle on Sundays after all. I'll probably trade or sell this one off - I LOVE Popeye but other than my action figure collection, I don't really collect Popeye memorabilia (partly because so much of it is just...odd...like this squirt gun.)

I actually found this Red Baron Fokker DR 1 painting at the Goodwill on Saturday, so it's not a flea market find, but for $4.25, I had to have it. It is now hanging proudly in our kitchen, making it appear an 80 year old man lives here.

These books set me back a quarter each. Frank Miller's Ronin and a Spring 1990 issue of Weird Tales. Each is a little roughed up, but they should be good reads regardless. I also found a couple collected Simpsons comics for my Step-son's birthday, but those are already wrapped up!

Last but least, I got these Spongebob and Patrick Lego minifigures in a bag with a few plastic dinosaurs for 75 cents. Hear me now and believe me later: I HATE Spongebob and Patrick. I hate the show, I hate these inane little turds, I hate their idiotic shrill squeeling. HATE HATE HATE!

But I like Lego minifigures and for 75 cents, I figured I could at least trade them off or sell them...or torture them...
Ahhh, that feels better!

Well, that's it for my Sunday finds. Not too shabby!


  1. Great grabs! Love that picture and if some how you could add Snoopy to the mix it would be a extra fun deal. : )

    1. I might have to find a Snoopy as WWI Flying Ace to display next to it!

  2. Replies
    1. Nice score old man. I especially love the Popeye squirt gun and Sponge Bob's laugh is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I never think about going to the flea market. I need to give it a shot.

  3. That's a sweet painting of the Red Baron's plane! Who wouldn't be proud to hang it in their kitchen?