TMNT Cockroach Terminator

The newest wave of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures are hitting stores now, including 'Cockroach Terminator.'

Cockroach Terminator: Mutated Spyroach!
Other new figures in this wave are Rat King and the Turtles in Stealth Tech gear. I passed on the Rat King, I'm not terribly fond of his latest iteration, and none of the Stealth Tech Turtles interested me, but I wanted Cockroach Terminator so I nabbed him!

Unfortunately I'm a little disappointed in Cockroach Terminator. He's pretty plain with few paint app. details, but that is to be expected in this line after figures like Dogpound and Leatherhead have already received the limited paint app. treatment. And some details are different than the solicitation media: primarily, the colors on the saw blade and extending stem are reversed. In the pics, his blade is silver, and on the toy it's the arm of the apparatus that's silver. Not sure which reflects the show more accurately, but I a metal blade makes more sense.

All of that can be seen in packaging, however, and isn't my primary gripe. What bothers me is that I had assumed the blade 'plugged in' and held tightly into CT's torso. Unfortunately it is designed to slide in and out loosely (for hours of playtime fun, no doubt).

Surprisingly CT is better articulated than LH, with swivel jointed elbows, so he does have that going for him, and as seen above, it's easy enough to have Cocky McT hold the saw arm. So the floppiness really is not that big a deal for display purposes. But it wasn't what I expected upon opening him, so be aware before you commit!

It does leave him a gaping torso hole without it, but he is a cockroach after all; he'd still be living if he was just a head, so what's a hole all the way through his torso? A mere flesh wound, that's what!

The original Scumbug is a better toy all around; I miss the original series Human/Animal hybrids - this new series tends to go for the straight animal mutation - but robo-bugs are pretty much always awesome, so it's hard not to recommend Cockroach Terminator to you even with his flaws.

Basically, if you have any supporting character TMNT figures already, you know what you're getting into toy design and manufacturing quality wise. Therefore, if you like the looks of CT, I saw go for it!