Harley Qwednesday :: New Harley Quinn Ongoing Monthly Coming Soon!!!

Harley Quinn will be getting a new monthly ongoing comic coming later this year, written by husband and wife team Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor! Ms. Connor will also be doing the covers, but unfortunately it appears she will not be doing the interior art. Hopefully they can get someone who can capture Harley's insane-cute-cheekyness!

As witnessed in the above picture, Harley Quinn will also be getting a new costume! That's what, #76 in the last three years?!?! This one is more utilitarian, and based in part on Roller Derby outfits, so I look forward to seeing more...or is it less...of it.

Comicbookresources.com brings us this exclusive first look, as well as an interview with Amanda and Jimmy wherein we learn a little about what the series will entail (multiple costumes, a new city, and toilet time, to name a few highlights!)

I admit, I'm cautiously optimistic. I LOVED Harley's original comic by the Dodsons, but dropped her recent Suicide Squad after only a few issues. I'm ok with some costume changes, and like what I see above more than what I've seen recently, but we gotta get her back into her original duds every now and then! And I really loved Palmiotti and Connor's run on Power Girl, but without Connor on interior art, well, the artist choice will be a pretty important piece of this pie for sure!

At least the covers will be good!

Click on over to CBR and read more!

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  1. Should be interesting to see how it turns out Eric so keep us in the loop.