Tim Mee Cowboys and Indians and a Happy Thanksgiving too!

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, let's take a moment to recreate a less cooperative meeting between white men and Native Americans, shall we?

More 'traditional' than the Galaxy Laser Team I reviewed earlier this week, Tim Mee also deals in LEAD...I mean...Cowboys and Indians:

When I grew up with these types of Cowboy and Indian figures, just like little green army men, were all over the place. There wasn't a toybox in town that didn't have a ton of these fellows hanging about. You never remembered buying them, they just somehow existed in your toy collection seemingly from day one. They may have even multiplied on their own!

Tim Mee's latest Cowboys and Indians re-issue is this 40 piece set, complete with 20 red and 20 tan colored Cowboys and Indians. I'm not sure how PC these toys are anymore these days, but they are still just as cool in my book and really take me back!

The sculpts are great, clean and crisp just like with all the other Tim Mee offerings.

'TWING! TWANG! You're goin' down, paleface!'

Having just read the Gunslinger series, I am especially fond of the cowboys in this set. "The man in black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed."

'GASP! Don't sneak up on me like that, silly...you scared me!'

'And the valley ran red with the blood of the fallen...'

'BAM! Aughghghgh...it looks like I'm a'headin'...for the last...roundup!'

This set comes with crouching Indians, riflemen, Braves, Chiefs, two-gun totin' rootin'-tootin' shootin' Buckaroos, and even...

'Maverick...I am your father!'

Hey, he doesn't come with this set! That's a Galaxy Laser Team Darth Vader dude! Get him outta here!

This Indian is proabably my favorite, I like the spear and shield.

 I sense a scalipin' in this Cowpoke's future!

I mentioned The Gunslinger earlier. Along with this Dr. Doom looking gentleman from Tim Mee's Legendary Battle set (to be reviewed tomorrow) those of you who have read the books might recognize this scene - the attack of the Wolves on Calla Bryn Sturgis!

I am a much bigger fan of the fantasy/sci-fi themes, but there's something primal about a set of little plastic Cowboys and Indians. You can get yourself a set here, as well as the Battle Mountain they are posed on, which I love using for a lot of my toy picture shoots.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I had some of those exact same sculpts when I was a kid. They came in a set that was very colorful and included a few horses and riders.

  2. Thanks for posting that cowboy getting shot. Now if only the army guys would come out that way I would collect too.

  3. Nice! You can still find Cowboy and Indian sets at just about every grocery store in the US now a days. I for sure had these as a kid, along with the standard army men and even some pirates.

  4. these are awesome. really take me wayyyy back. i recall a lot of these sculpts. the bagged set had come with a canoe and a pig and sheep. they were green, yellow, and a waxy red color.