Lego Arctic Batman and Aquaman - Slightly Modified

I found an incomplete Arctic Batman Lego set at the flea market last weekend, but couldn't pass it up for just $5 because it had a complete Lego Aquaman in the baggie. Also, I have tons of spare Lego pieces at home, so I figured it was worth the gamble. Unfortunately the only part of Batman himself present in the baggie was his white cowl and his Batarang, but I was able to easily create an Arctic Camo Batman with pieces I have lying around!

The set did have Aquaman and his frozen prison, making it worth the cost of admission alone.

Aquaman is a good minifigure. His head has two expressions as most of them do these days. He is missing his trident, but I might have one from the king Mermaid minifigure from a few waves back. I will have to look.

The baggie had most of the parts to make Batman's ski boat. One front spoiler and one side blade is missing, making it unbalanced designwise, so I modified it a bit by filling in the front with red and adding the motor on top. I might add some side pipes or something eventually, but this was a quick fix to see what was missing and what I needed to do to make it passable.

All in all, not bad for five dollars.

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