Lego Movie Minifigures and Sets available now!

Toys R Us had a ton of the Lego Movie blind bagged minifigures and sets out now. Some of the sets look like a lot of fun, but I'm holding out for the upcoming DC Superhero stuff as far as the larger sets go. But my daughter and I did nab a few of the minifigures, using the old squeeze method to find what we were getting. My daughter opened them all before we got home, so I wasn't able to note the bump codes, but they were all easy enough to squeeze for. This gal, the character Wyldstyle, is easy to find via her wedge 'dress', but double check for her fan or hairpiece, because there's another gal in the set with a wedge dress.

Abraham Lincoln was my 'must have' from this wave. His hat and beard are a single piece, so feel for that, as well as his copy of the Gettysburg Address.

I also wanted the 'Where's my Pants?' guy, who has been likened to Ace Ventura. He's ridiculous, and easy to find since he is packed with two sets of legs.

My daughter wanted the mermaid, and she's very easy to find with that giant fish tail!

Finally, this guy in a Panda suit is sure to be a fan favorite! Like the Man in Gorilla suit of an earlier wave, this guy has a zipper printed on his back. His face underneath the mask is sticking his tongue out too! And he comes with a cute little baby panda (or a stuffed Panda, depending on your imagination.) Feel for the baby panda or the large panda head.

That does it for our haul of Lego Movie Minifigures this time around. There were a few more fun ones, but we didn't want to go too crazy this soon after Christmas.


  1. I'm a sucker for robots, so I want all 3 from this wave. I really excited for the movie, it looks great!

    Wyldstyle has a pretty sweet dress, so I may need to nap one too. 2014 is gonna be a great year for LEGO!