On the first day of December, the Flea Market gave to me...

Oh, California. Gas prices are insane. Living costs are through the roof. Want to own a home? Sure thing, Dr. Rich Moneybags, Esquire, with your double income and life savings you qualify for a loan on this nice little studio apartment. 500 square feet of pure luxury!

But the weather. Ahhh the weather. Perfect Flea Market weather year round. So here I am on December 1st, sweating in a t-shirt in the 70 degree sunshine, digging through other peoples' junk and buying nostalgia for a quarter.

Life, it's full of trade-offs.

Anyways, here's what I scored today - some or all of it may or may not be looked at in detail in the future, because it's my blog and I'll do what I please. But all of it is fun and deserves to be mentioned here, because it's quite the eclectic pile of loot.

Starting in the back we have a little Tomy wind-up toddler on a wagon. I remember these from when I was a kid, it's late seventies or early eighties. I'll have to look into it further.

Then there's Megavolt, a Darkwing Duck villain. He's supposed to have 'sparking' action - on his back is a wheel like a lighter with an internal flint. It's jammed, but I might be able to clean it up and make it work. Regardless, I do have a Darkwing Duck action figure already, so it's nice to have a villain for him to battle.

Next is a Funko 'Where the Wild Things Are' monster. Yay, another Funko! See, I told you I'd end up with more Funko! I'm sure this monster has a name, but that will require more research.

Next to him is 'Killer Bee', a TMNT original series ride-on figure/vehicle. He's missing all his accessories, and the headpiece to his electric chair, but is otherwise in excellent condition and is the first of these larger TMNT mutant rides that I have owned (of which I think there were two - this guy and a mosquito.) He's very cool, and will definitely get his own post soon.

In the middle is a Mega Bloks Wolverine and Captain America. These are Duplo sized and fit with those types of toddler sized blocks. I got these for my intern.

Next to those guys is a Skeleton Warrior, another first for my collection. He has one accessory, a knife and scabbard on his left leg. Otherwise he's in great shape minus all the other accessories he would have come with. I will have to look up his name too.

Lastly, in the front row is a Super Hero Squad Spider-Man and a little green plastic Aquaman from the eighties. I know I have seen him online before but I will have to do some research again to figure out his provenance.

Well, there you have it. A ridiculous pile of random ridiculousness, all costing less than one single new action figure. That's how I spent my December 1st. You can keep your white Christmas, but I am jealous of your reasonable cost of living!


  1. Wearing tees in December. Sigh. I miss living in California so very much.

    And what an awesome assortment of stuff. Skeleton Warriors and TMNT and man o' man, I love Darkwing Duck.

  2. And here i am freezing in Michigan Eric lol. Great scores there my friend. : )

  3. I go to the flea markets all winter long also. But I wear a hat, gloves, and a winter coat. Last weekend there was ice all over the place.

  4. I used to have that little plastic Aquaman. I did a quick search, and it seems he was a kid's meal toy from Burger King. Weird, I thought I got him out of a cereal box.

    Looks like you got quite the haul there. It's a shame Darkwing Duck didn't stick around longer. That was a pretty cool line. Same with the Skeleton Warriors.