Wonder Woman Has Been Cast :: My Thoughts, Because You Care!

The BIG news this week was the casting of Wonder Woman for the tentatively titled upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie.

Gal Gadot has been cast to play Wonder Woman. Who is Gal Gadot? I don't know, and I don't care. DC, WB, Zack Snyder...none of them asked me my top five. My opinion on the matter means nothing to them. But my opinion is this: honestly, who plays her is, at this point in history, secondary to the fact that she will be played on the big screen. Wonder Woman, the First lady of supreheroedom, will be on the big screen in my (and more importantly, my daughters') lifetime! THAT is amazing and worth celebrating.

Not only that, but the BIG THREE will all be on the big screen at the same time. That is almost cooler than a Wonder Woman solo movie, because you KNOW if there was a Wonder Woman solo movie first EVERYONE would be clamoring for the big three to meet. And we're getting that nerdgasm first!

Why is Wonder Woman on the big screen so important? Sure, we've seen female superheroes on the big screen before, like Storm and Invisible Woman and Black Widow, but let's face it, even to this day most lay people would say 'who?!?!' And we've seen Catwoman and Poison Ivy too, who are arguably more well known by the general populace than the previously mentioned heroes, but Selina and Pamela are villains.

Wonder Woman is almost inarguably the most recognizable female superhero the world over. She will be appearing next to the two  most recognizable superheroes the world over: Batman and Superman.

Which will only serve to make Wonder Woman MORE recognizable and, if the film is well done, more loved. Big red boots to fill for sure.

Will the movie be good? I'm not a psychic, but I'm no the mood to be Debbie Downer either. I have enjoyed every Batman film since Batman Begins and I really enjoyed Man of Steel, so I am hopeful.

Can Gal Gadot act? I don't know. I hope she can, and I really really hope she is given good material. She is beautiful, and does have an exotic look I feel necessary to portray the princess of the Amazons, but she doesn't immediately look like Wonder Woman to my eye.

That's ok. People forget how svelt Lynda Carter was, and she, like Christopher Reeve did for Superman (who was also a different heroic body type from a different time), defined her character for generations, even though her canvas never expanded beyond the small screen.

I'm excited that there will be a 'Batman meets Superman' movie, but I am beyond giddy that Wonder Woman will be part of the mix. I wish Gal Gadot all the luck in the world that the stars align for her and that she hits it out of the park. Because that means that she will get a solo movie (or three) and that Wonder Woman's popularity will finally reach the heights it has always deserved.

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  1. Am looking forward to the movie and to see how the casting will all work out i just hope it is all good and we can be excited by it much like we were with the Avengers.