Harley Qwednesday :: Harley Quinn Cosplay by Lisa Lou Who

Cast your peepers at this incredibly stunning original Harley Quinn cosplay by the amazing Lisa Lou Who.

Ballet + Harley Quinn + Victorian Era + Sexy = a happy Harley Qwednesday indeed!

Now the only question is - when do we get an action figure?!?!

According to Lisa Lou Who, this Harley Quinn is her own original design, "inspired by, of course, Harley Quinn of the DC universe as well as Sakizou artwork and Ame-Comi figures."

And an incredible design it is. Wowzers! I am sure I speak for all Harley Qwednesday readers when I say 'BRAVO!'

When the blood returns to your brain, be sure to check out more spectacular cosplay by Lisa Lou Who over at her Facebook page.

Photo Credits: Andrew DH and Player 2.
Originally spotted at Fashionably Geek.


  1. Woof! She is delightful and very easy on the eyes. : )

  2. That is fantastic! I just saw her doing some other cosplay too.

  3. I want to play with her balloons...