Enter Lego Sandman :: A Random Toy Pic

This here is a custom Lego JSA founding member Wesley Dodds - aka the original Golden Age Sandman - that I just put together tonight. Lego savvy readers will note the gas-mask is not Lego! The gas-mask actually came from a Kre-O Cityville Invasion blind bagged figure (Hazmat Henry). I found the Kre-O figures on clearance at Target last night, and today realized I had all the rest of the parts needed to make a pretty swell Sandman minifigure! AW YEAH JSA!


  1. Nice, I really like it! I thought maybe the gas mask was from Brick Arms or Brickwarriors. Also, the white head sculpt completes the gas mask look nicely. Since I started work on my LEGO space-themed city I've been creating many a custom minifig myself. I always like a good custom fig.