Harley Qwednesday :: Harley Quinn signed by Neal Adams!

Comic book legend Neal Adams made an appearance at Santa Cruz comic book store Atlantis Fantasyworld, and my intern and I not only got to meet him but got this awesome Harley Quinn print signed by the icon himself!

Here we are shaking hands with a legend!

I had originally gone with the intention of having this comic signed: Batman Annual #14 from 1990. I bought it off the shelf a couple years into my Batman comic book collecting run and it has a lot of nostalgia for me personally. Plus, I love Neal Adams' cover art and Two-Face as a character, so  it was a no-brainer. But when I saw Neal's Harley Quinn print on site, I just couldn't resist it! It isn't every day that you meet a comic book legend or get a chance to have them sign a piece of their work illustrating one of your favorite characters after all!


  1. That is awesome! Neal Adams looks like such a friendly guy, too!

  2. Wow Annual # 14, I remember that issue! I tore mine to shreds rereading it over and over, even made a half decent attempt@ drawing the cover myself. I hope to see him @ Wizard World Portland this weekend, that's a great print. Off to Ebay to snag the comic! Thank or sharing

  3. Wonderful! I have that Two-Face issue as well :)

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    1. Very nice! I wished I had met Neil Adams when I had the chance at NYCC this past year. Having an autograph from him is definitely on my "must have" list. Maybe when I hit the lottery I can afford a Batman sketch as well.

  5. This is just awesome! And he looks like he is a very guy too.