Random Toy Pic(s) :: Slime Time with Mutagen Man and Muck Man

A little while back Mason from D.I. Treasures sent me a tub of glow in the dark slime for winning a contest or somesuch. I finally got around to using it tonight in my original TMNT Muck Man and Mutagen Man, but was unable to get any good shots of the glowing effect. Sadface!

But trust me, it looks pretty darn cool to see a faint green glowing lump in Mutagen Man's belly when all the lights are out!

My intern had an absolute blast 'helping' me fill Mutagen Man up with slime and water. I was a little stressed that she would drop his cap into the sink and I'd lose it down the drain. I have had Mutagen Man for a few years now, and this is the first time I've filled him up with anything. But what fun is a toy if you can't play with it, right?

There is an updated version of Mutagen Man being released very soon in the NickToons TMNT line, but from what I have seen of him online he pales in comparison to this original version. He does fill with slime too, though, which is a huge plus. I will have to see him in person before I commit.

Thanks again for the slime, Mason!


  1. Awesome! Mutagen man looks totally sick all filled up with slime! I really need to find a Mutagen man so I can fill him with sweet ooze! I'm glad your wee intern was able to help, kids just love slime. :)

  2. Did they make a toy version of the Technodrome?

    1. Yes they did - I've never seen one in person but they are pretty sought after from what I understand.