Random Toy Pic :: Caesar Romero as The Joker

I received this Caesar Romero Joker action figure for Christmas from my intern (who helped her mommy pick it out online.) This is The Joker from the Batman Classic TV Series action figure line by Mattel. He looks wonderful in person, the likeness to Caesar Romero is pretty spot-on.

I was telling my wife how my first encounter with The Joker in any media was Caesar Romero's version from the television series and thus, until I got deeply into Batman comics in my 'tweens, I assumed The Joker was a guy in face-paint and hair dye, not a perma-white victim of chemical exposure. Therefore Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight seemed perfectly natural to me, harkening back to my original conception of the character.

I'm glad I now own this figure. So far I have him and my Surfin' Batman, and one other from this line which I will reveal soon! And I am anxiously awaiting an Yvonne Craig Batgirl too!


  1. They did pretty good on his face i think.

  2. I think the line is dead at Mattel. The Figs Inc people have already shown Egghead for crying out loud!

  3. I really do want an Yvonne Craig or this line. I doubt it will ever happen, but man could I go for that.

  4. Great shot. I hope we see another wave of figures.