Upcoming Batman Action Figure Wants!

Mattel's basic 'evergreen' Batman line (BatmanKiller Croc, Joker) appears to have permanently shrunk from around 5" to around 3.75" in 2014, and the new smaller line will include an Azrael Batman!
Dubbed Action Wing Batman, this is the gaudy ridiculous literal killer Batman from the nineties you either love or love to hate.
Personally, I'm a sucker for Azrael Batman (see here, here, and here) and while I wish this figure was in the same scale as the handful of figures I 've already picked up in this style are in, I'll be hunting this one down for sure!

Azrael Batman will also be available in red and yellow in this seven figure set:
I can't say that I'll be getting this set, unless I get it as a birthday present this November or something. I don't really want everyone here - If I could cherry pick, I'd only get Azrael, maybe Robin...
...and Clayface. I like the extra gaping maw in his chest. Nice touch!

Deathstroke looks kind of cool, but I have a few good versions of Deathstroke and don't really care for the character enough to need to add more at this juncture.

Green Arrow is pretty cool in this style too. I do wish these were all available in the 6" size, but it is easier to build up a large set at this smaller scale, and hopefully they take advantage of the size and release some keen  newplaysets and vehicles!


  1. Deathstroke for me and maybe that Green Arrow too.

  2. Clayface is the only one I would want. The rest have that campy animated style.

  3. That's the great thing about Clayface, he's malleable (ha ha!) enough to work himself into any style!

  4. Nice Green Arrow! I'll be picking a few of these up!

  5. That is a bummer on the size, i thought they found a good balance with size and articulation that made it cost effective.

  6. That Clayface is crazy awesome!
    We will get it.