Weird Science, or: More Fun with Muck Man, Mutagen Man, and Slime!

...and Legos!

I built this Lego slime pit ages ago. It was so long ago, in fact, that it is all dusty! But I am only now finally getting around to a photoshoot, thanks to the inspirational voices of Muck Man and Mutagen Man!

"Is our victim ready, MM?"

"Ready, unwilling, and unable...to escape, MM!"

"Okay MM, you man the outflow modulator..."

"...while I monitor the carbonator catalyst!"

"It's slime-time!"

Gloop Glork Glop Glip...

"AHHHHH! What are you doing to me?"

"Don't fight it, Miss O'Neil. We promise, this is for your own good!"

"Just you wait until the turrppplllssmhhmnnhmnn...."

"It's working, MM, it's working! The mutagen is taking hold of her DNA and the results are...are..."


"And I assure you, Miss O'Neil, your turtle friends will be most pleased indeed!"


  1. Now THAT is a story! HAHA! I gotta get a better camera to make stories of new buys.

  2. Cool LEGO "Playset"...
    We think that we may have Camera working in a few days...
    We will be posting some of my Large Collection at the "Crypt" soon...

  3. Me gusta!!!!
    April got a lot better, yay!!

  4. Haha, nice! I like what you've done with the Barrel-O-Slime I sent ya!

    Your LEGO creation is just awesome and it's nice to see it in action! I'm also a little jealous of your Classic Space monorail track too.

    Keep in slimeing!

    1. Is that what that piece is? I'm tellin' ya, I have so many random pieces, I have no idea where most of them came from!