Duplo Clown Cannon

I have to admit that I adore this thing way more than a grown man should.

I first found this Duplo clown at a local thrift store last week, and had to have him. As a fan of Lego minifigure, I appreciate their larger, pre-school level Duplo counterparts. But they are usually pretty plain and boring. Not this guy! First off, he's a clown, which are creepy and make good Batman villains straight out of the box. Second, he's sporting an aviator's cap, which is pretty unique.

When I got the clown home I did some research online, and discovered the clown was from around 1989 or so, and that he came in a set that included a cannon! TO SHOOT THE CLOWN!

And I had seen the cannon at the thrift store when I picked up the clown, but had left it behind because of my Duplo clown shooting cannon ignorance!

Well obviously I returned to the thrift store (not specifically for the cannon, I was already going that way) and as luck would have it the cannon was still in the quarter bin I where had discovered the clown!

Now seeing as how this is a toddler toy, the cannon shoots Mr. Clownface about...oh...a quarter of an inch. But the effect is still fun and the look of these two pieces together tickles me to no end.

My research online also led to the discovery that this clown and cannon were sometimes paired with this Duplo truck, which my intern already owns! Now, transporting his cannon throughout Duplo Gotham City is a breeze!


  1. I remember seeing this somewhere a few years ago maybe at a flea market perhaps?

    1. I don't know how you resisted, Jboy! As a toy collector and aficionado, I love when something like this comes out of nowhere and surprises me like this!

  2. I collect nothing DUPLO but when I saw this I knew exactly what you were talking about. This guy is great.

  3. It's always the journey and venture of finding a surprise. That's what makes collecting so excitingly addictive. For every toy, there's a memory on it. Nice.