Insect Body Mr. Freeze LEGO minifigure

As Batman: the Animated Series evloved into The New Batman Adventures, so too did the character designs evolve. One drastic change revealed was that Mr. Freeze's condition had led to a complete deterioration of his entire body, leaving him with nothing but his head. Of course Mr. Freeze, never one to let adversity slow him down, built a robot body and, more eerily, an 'insect body'for his head to travel around on should the need arise.

As if you wouldn't have done the same thing if you were in his...shoes.

I have the Mr. Freeze Insect Body action figure, but I do not have a Mr. Freeze LEGO minifigure. I set out last night to try and rectify that situation, and instead hit upon making an insect body version.


I tried a lot of different combos and leg set-ups, and finally settled on this configuration. It might need more blue pieces, but otherwise I like how he turned out.

Mr. Freeze of course has his freeze gun and some claws to hold it with.

'Batman is a dish best served...cold. Oh yeah, and with garlic. I love garlic.'