DC Collectibles 2014 Line-up Toy Fair Reveals :: TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

DC Collectibles just released to the media a sneak peek at all of their 2014 releases, and all I can say is DC Collectibles is about to get a ton of my money this year!

Say it with me kids: O-M-F-G! in 2014 DC Collectibles will be releasing all new action figures based on the penultimate in Batman on screen: Batman Animated action figures with multiple points of articulation and screen accurate sculpts! This Batman Animated Catwoman action figure WILL BE MINE...

...as will this GORGEOUS The New Batman Adventures Batman action figure. These are simply incredible looking action figures - no word yet on scale (I dare assume 6") or price etc. etc. but I will update you as soon as I find out because I am buying these on day one! EDIT: According to USA Today these will be 6" scale, retail for $24.95, and will be available November 2014. And according to MTV.com Two-Face and Mr. Freeze have also been announced! No word yet on Harley Quinn but my God will I plotz when she's announced!

And speaking of Harley Quinn:

Cuteness overload! DC Collectibles is releasing a Lil' Gotham series, and Harley Quinn is one of the first releases. Yup, buying this one on the spot too.

Leaving the more cartoony spectrum for a moment - get a load of Pajama Party Harley Quinn (from DC Collectible's Infinite Crisis line). Oh my God another must have! Harley Quinn in her pajamas, with a teddy bear taped to a bedpost and a super-soaker. LOVE!

And speaking of love...

Harley Quinn in Batman panties. Action figures have come a loooong way in my time. Expect me to own this one immediately too!

Other highlights (and figures on my list of 'almost must haves') include:
Designer Series Thrasher Armor Batman based on the art of Greg Capullo.

Infinite Crisis Atomic Poison Ivy.
Lil' Gotham Damian Wayne.

New 52 Batgirl.
And New 52 Supergirl.

Phenomenal action figures one and all - an incredible set of good Harley Quinns, an amazing surprise with the Batman Animated figures (and the sky is the limit as far as potential for that line goes!), and some good fun comic book accurate toys. I've got to get to my comic book store immediately to get my orders in!

To see more of what's coming from DC Collectibles in 2014, check out Toy News International, MTV.com, and the video below:


  1. Wow new Batman Animated Series figures this was something i was not expecting.

  2. I will confirm....The new Batman animated series figures ARE in the 6 inch scale.

  3. The BAS ones are amazing, I know I'll be tracking all of those down to add to my collection, it's only taken almost 20 years to get a good figure from the line on my shelf.

  4. I actually shrieked when I saw this today. Sooooo many great figures. Luckily a foot of snow fell last night so i was sitting on my couch during that shriek.. it wouldn't have gone over well at the office. Add to this the amazing DCC World's Finest and Outlaws figures this summer and I am going to be b r o k e!

  5. A wow factor in some of the feature figures with upgraded styles to go along. Looking forward to see the real stuff. The armor batman looks inspired from Marvel Iron Monger.

  6. What!!!??? I am flipping out! That Catwoman is everything and more! I am so excited for this. Just when I thought I didn't need another Catwoman figure...

  7. Pre-orders are up on various sites. I just pre-ordered my BTAS/TNBA figures as well as Li'l Gotham Joker and HQ on Big Bad Toy Store for $21.99 each and $11.99 each respectively. I believe they are also available at Entertainment Earth as well for similar prices.

    1. I'm definitely going to need to get my pre-orders in!