LEGO Ace the Bat Hound

A departure from my usual basic kit-bash LEGO customs, I actually added paint to this one in order to customize a standard LEGO minifigure dog into the Caped Canine himself - Ace the Bat Hound!

I used some black auto touch-up paint to create Ace's cowl, because it's what I had lying around. It's pretty sturdy, I think I put this little guy together over two years ago and it's held up all this time.

If I had another LEGO dog I might try using some model paint, or maybe paint the eyes white, or figure out a cape or something. But this is my only LEGO dog, so there's no room for experimentation. But it's ok, this guy is fine just the way he is.

No one will ever recognize Bruce Wayne's doggie now!


  1. Just needs a cape and a Bat Dog Collar. : )

  2. Did you ever see the Batman Beyond Bathound? I think he came with something like "neon camo batman." I just discovered his existence the other week when I saw the imaginext Ace and decided to see how many bathounds were out there.

    1. I remember him when he was released - kind of regret not picking one up but he had some gawdawful armor and the Batman Beyond he came with was even more gawdawful! There wasonly one BB worth owning back in the day: http://toyriffic.blogspot.com/2008/12/bed-bath-and-batman-beyond.html

  3. Looks great, I would say try using a Lego batman cape, you may be able to get it on with little extra, maybe a bit of wire to clasp it, or single space Lego piece, black one on the back, yellow on the front to give that Bat Symbol look.
    And I agree the only good Batman Beyond figure was that one, I've only got that and a few Happy Meal toys that I found fitting enough to keep.