Watch out! Whew, that was close...you almost Steppenwolf!

Haha - get it?
Yeah, bad joke. It was either that or 'This action figure was Born to be Wild!' Or maybe an even more obscure 'Lookie lookie, this action figure is Sookie Sookie!'

Yes, I had a 'Best of Steppenwolf' cassette in High School. I was pretty cool that way.

What I did not have then nor have now is any knowledge of Steppenwolf the Jack Kirby New God character.

Okay, that's not entirely true. Off the top of my head: He's one of Darkseid's generals...yeah that's about it. He might not even be a General. Maybe he's a Lieutenant, or possibly a Private First Class.

He might even like to dream, yes yes right between my sound machine. No, that's the other Steppenwolf again.

Well, whatever he's into, he was made into an action figure back in the Kenner Super Powers line of the nineteen eighties, and many a decade later ended up in a pile of toys at the flea market, where I plunked down fifty cents for him.

Because you cannot simply pass up a Super Powers action figure, no matter how BDSM he looks. Just kidding, he looks cool, although the comic book version of Steppenwolf looks vastly different than this yokel. Seriously, in the comics he looks like Robin Hood with a mink stole an elf hat:

Well would you look at that...Steppenwolf is actually Darkseid's maternal uncle! I actually remember reading that issue now. He's like, the best hunter in the universe or something, right?

So as it turns out, I've forgotten more about Steppenwolf than most people know to begin with! Except, not now if they read all this. Unless they too forget!

Geez, this post got weird.


  1. Steppenwolf was a mail away figure. I actually sent off for him. I thought the electric ax was so cool.

  2. One of the few Super Powers figure we are missing.