Harley Qwednesday :: Sideshow Collectibles Sixth Scale Harley Quinn

Does anyone have $189.00 (plus tax and shipping) they want to donate to my dolly fund?

"Did I pop one cork, or...umm...no corks? Well, are you feelin' lucky, punk?"
Pour me a cuppa' and call me Mrs. Nesbitt because damnitalltohell I WANT THIS DOLLY!

When first announced, this Sixth Scale Harley Quinn by Sideshow Collectibles looked nice and really caught my attention. But there were a couple things that kept her from being an immediate home-run.

First, in the original pre-order solicitations, her tassels were backwards. They fixed that issue (thank goodness!)

The second issue was the corset - namely, was it removable so you could get a more comic accurate costumed Harley Quinn?

"Who says a gal has to show skin to be sexy? Countin' my make-up, I ain't showin' ANY!"
Well that is obviously not an issue either - the corset is removable, and of course it's not a dolly unless you can undress it, right?

So basically, this dolly is incredible looking and I want one. I WANT A TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR DOLLY!

If I had the couple Benjamins to spend on this dolly I would do it in a second.

And I would hug her and pet her and call her George. UNABASHEDLY!

Thankfully for my nominal grip on reality, I do not have the moolah to waste on the most wondermous dolly in the history of dolly-kind. 

Also, she comes with swappable heads, hands, a mallet, a stand, etc. so you can change her expression and poses and the stuff she's holding.

Because JUST hugging and petting her would be weird.

"Please Hammer, hurt 'em!"
Normal people dream of winning the lottery so they can buy a mansion and a yacht. Is it sad that I dream of winning the lottery so I can buy a Harley Quinn dolly?

Yes, yes it is.

Oh well. I gave up 'normal' the day I started this blog.

Sigh. Sorry Harley dolly. It was never meant to be!


  1. Not gonna lie. I bought it. I don't have that kinda money, but I did it anyway. She's beautiful. The only complaint I've read about is loose joints (via Michael Crawford's Review of the Week toy blog). If you don't need the exclusive (which includes the engraved knife), you can probably pick it up for about $130-150 on Ebay. I know that's not much comfort, but she's without a doubt the best sixth-scale figure of HQ that you can acquire.

    1. You got one?!?! LUCKY! Even if you have to eat Ramen for a month to make up for it in your budget haha ;)

      I heard about loose joints too (I believe I read the same article.) And don't tempt me to check eBay - that place can be dangerous lol!