Stardust the Super Wizard :: The latest Amazing Heroes reveal by Fresh Monkey Fiction

Following up on their Black Terror reveal, Fresh Monkey Fiction just released this image of the second Amazing Heroes action figure - the wacky and wonderful Stardust the Super Wizard!

Stardust the Super Wizard is super wacky crazy Golden Age psychedelia - and while this action figure doesn't capture the beautifully nightmarish original artwork, it does capture his likeness well and has me even more excited for this full line. This may very well be the first Kickstarter Campaign I actually contribute to!

Fresh Monkey Fiction is getting lots of people excited about their upcoming Kickstarter Campaign to bring to the world this super fun line of 4.5" Golden Age hero and (maybe) villain action figures in retro-classic style. Most folks hope the 'Avenging Hero' is the (not marvel) Dare-Devil...but who could the 'Man of Mystery' be?

Stay tuned to Fresh Monkey Fiction on Facebook for up to the minute updates on the Kickstarter Campaign that will bring these Golden Age guys out to their adoring public soon!


  1. They are sporting the same body as Secret Wars.

    1. It's very much inspired by Secret Wars, but it's a brand new sculpt. The hands are better tailored to grip weapons...cause you might some in the line as we move forward.

  2. I'm pretty certain the avenging hero is Daredevil, but I cannot figure out who the last guy is. I thought it might have been Captain Action or Captain Scarlett, but neither one of them falls under public domain.

  3. I thought for a minute that "Man of Mystery" might be The Fighting Yank, but he'd need a cape, and the hat looks more like a military/police officer's cap than a colonial-era tri-corner hat.

  4. Keep those guesses coming fellas. I think you'll be happy with what you see in the coming weeks.