LEGO Zatanna custom minifigure

Another custom kitbash LEGO minifigure: Zatanna, mistress of magic!

LEGO Zatanna is made up of random pieces from various garage sale finds. I have no idea who this suited torso originally belonged to. And while I am pretty sure the head is from a Jedi, I also do not know who it originally belonged to. But the olive complexion, the greenish lips and the dots across the bridge of the nose give Zatanna an exotic look that separates her a bit from being just a minifigure gal in a tuxedo. I think the legs go to an old LEGO Knight minifigure, and the hair might be from a modern blind bagged minifigure.

I might throw some white paint or white tape on the wand, and if I had a black top hat for her to hold in her other hand she'd be pure gold; unfortunately I wasn't into LEGO minifigures during Series 1 when they released an actual magician minifigure! Maybe someday I will track him down for parts; until then Zatanna is pretty cool in her own right and I'm happy to have her on my LEGO JLA team!

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  1. The head is Barriss Offee, who is indeed a Jedi.

  2. Very well done Eric she looks great.

  3. Sweet! I love it. I was at the Lego store this past weekend I really should make one.