Wizard World Sacramento 2014 and Happy Birthday Natalie!

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday (Happy Birthday Natalie!) and to celebrate, we all ran up to Sacramento last weekend for the first annual Sacramento Wizard World Comic Con!

Here's Natalie meeting Posion Ivy.

And here I and my intern meet our favorite superhero Batman. Or as my intern calls him 'Super-Batman.'

I am somehow both taller than Batman and shorter than Dark Helmet! Am I back at the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot?

Darth Vader told my intern that the force is strong with her. I was somehow able to control myself and did not call him 'Annie.' The force must be strong with me too.

Norman Reedus aka Daryl from the Walking Dead was buried in hugs and bras. My Mrs. wanted to see him, but was wise enough not to spend the $45 or so bucks it cost for a signature, so we just held up the camera when we walked past and I got this shot. If I photoshop my wife into the shot I shall become obsolete.

Here's Natalie and a great looking Rule 63 classic Joker! She had the smile down perfect! Probably the best looking Joker we saw, Rule 63 or otherwise.

Me, the intern, and a nbunch of Mandalorians (I think.) The guy on the left might be some sort of RC Trooper or something. My Star Wars knowledge doesn't venture far from the films. Regardless, these folks all looked great and it was hilarious to hear one of them say  to another 'Hey, check it out, Black Cat incoming' in his helmeted speaker voice when a Black Cat cosplayer walked by.

We only attended one panel: Michael Rosenbaum. Natalie and I love Smallville and the Justice League, so listening to Lex/The Flash was a no-brainer. Michael Rosenbaum is hilarious and very friendly with his fans. He jumped right off the stage and spent the whole talk interacting with folks in the audience. What a great guy!

We didn't really meet Sheldon, just a cardboard cut-out. Come to think of it...what's the difference? HAR HAR HAR!

Another great group of Star Wars cosplayers. It's amazing how accurate these folks get with their costumes!

Natalie and a Stormtrooper. I was really happy with how Natalie just jumped right in to get her pics with these great people. Nothing like seeing your daughter with her arm around a Stormtrooper to warm a geek-daddy's heart!

Last but certainly not least - Velma!

We had such a great time at the convention. We only attended on Saturday, but it was small enough to see on just one day trip. Plus, chasing a toddler around a comic convention gets pretty tiring! Natalie picked up a couple art prints by some great artists in attendance, and I didn't run off with any Harley Quinn cosplayers.

But there's always next year!


  1. Velma has never looked more delicious...Glad you had a good time. I sure do miss Cons...

    1. She was definitely the best Velma we saw!

  2. Looks like a ton of fun. We actually have a small convention coming up in the area next month. I'm hoping I'll get the chance to go, because it will be my first.

    1. You never forget your first...comic convention.