Accidental Rule 63 Spider-Woman

Don't get me wrong, I'm a progressive guy. You want to gender-swap your cosplay? Go for it, I say!

But this, this is absolutely HILARIOUS because I do not think it was a) intentional or b) the model has any idea he is cross-dressing.

What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall when this model is showing off his portfolio and someone catches on that he is neither a black suited Peter Parker nor any version of Venom, but he is in fact dressed as the Julia Carpenter version of Spider-Woman!

Like I said: HILARIOUS!

'Wait until I tell my friends that I played Venom professionally!'


'Spider-gender neutral, Spider-gender neutral, does whatever anyone of any gender wishes to do!'

If you want your own Spider-WOMAN costume (I won't judge) you can find it here.

'I don't know, he looks good to me!'


  1. This is just so wrong....But funny lol.

  2. And I am against cross cosplaying...AND against pretty girls who have no idea what they are doing just to show off their....ASSets...