LEGO Insect Body Mr. Freeze ver. 2.0

I've been tinkering with my custom LEGO insect body Mr. Freeze minifigure since creating him a few weeks back. He was conceptually sound, I just wasn't completely happy with how he was constructed. So I've been slowly modifying bits and pieces here and there and have now come up with a much cleaner design:

I went with a plainer LEGO skeleton head, which is less goofy looking than the one I had originally used. I think both were from Ninjago minifgures. The back legs are also a huge improvement and now look much more mechanical and menacing.

I gave him an ice pick, which makes sense for obvious reasons, and added 'binoculars' to his gun, which also allowed me to add a little clear blue piece as if it were powered by diamonds, because how the hell can a diamond power anything?

The ice missile might be overkill, but is an easily removed attachment if I decide I don't like it.

"Revenge is a dish best served...by a hot red-head in a skimpy French maid outfit. ROWR!"


  1. Yeah I never understood that diamond powering thing. That is a Shumacher contraption.

  2. It wasn't diamond-powered, the diamond focused the laser. Which is at least halfway plausible, unlike the other 95% of the film.