Pre-School Week :: Playmobil Cowgirl Harley Quinn

'I'm your Huckle-Harley'
Preschool Week continues with another custom Playmobil Harley Quinn!

I spent some time this past weekend playing around with my Playmobil parts (hahaha dirty!) and came up with this Western Harley Quinn. For no real reason other than I had this spiffy Playmobil cowboy hat.

'Yeah, Harley Quinn. The roughest, toughest, he-man stuffest hombre who ever crossed the Rio Grande... And I don't mean Mahatma Gandhi!'
The head piece doesn't provide the best representation of Harley Quinn's face - although the eye color and the black around the eyes works, the blue lips detract a bit. it would be better if they were black or perhaps red, but since the extent of my Playmobil customs are simply kitbashes, it works for me. Bonus: it glows in the dark!

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