Preschool Week :: Imaginext Catwoman by Fisher-Price

Imaginext Catwoman. The one that started it all - at least as far as female DC Universe characters go. Catwoman was made right before Imaginext shifted their designs from sculpted heads to featureless heads (except for noses) and painted on faces. If she came out today, you can bet her lips would be painted on. One wonders if the goggles would have been painted on too?

Honestly, some red lips would really enhance Catwoman's face, which is sort of bland as it is; but if it would have meant losing the sculpted goggles, then I am much happier with this version.


  1. This photo just caught my intern's eye and she proceeded to tell me she wants this Catwoman toy. I will now have to go hunting. Even without colored lips I think it's a well sculpted toy.

  2. Great figure! We love Imaginext!!!