Quinnilla Ice :: Harley Qwednesday

After last week's 'Preschool Week' wrapped (or should I say 'Rapped'), I cobbled together one more Harley Quinn custom figure from random Playmobil parts:

"I'm here to drop the phat beats, yo! Lou here already dropped something about a block south. Watch your step."
Introducing: Quinnilla Ice and her dog, Spot!

"Shoutout to my boy, GrandMister J!"
"One, two, three and to the four, Quinnilla Ice is here so better lock the door!"

"Peace out, vigilante M&*%erf%$#ERS!"

"I'm gonna pop a cap in your Bat-A$$!"
Oh no! Quinnilla Ice is a gansta rapper, Gotham City style!

"Who says white (faced) people can't rap? What about Eminem and...ummm...Reese's Pieces...and that guy Skittles."