When the Gotham Bunnies come hop-hop-hopping along...

Okay, we're all used to sexy Harley Quinns and Poison Ivys and Catwomen...but did you ever think Scarecrow could make you feel all tingly in your nether-regions?  Or possibly Mr. (Ms.?) Freeze?

The cosplayer team Skirts and Swords is here to make all your embarrassing-dreams-you-dare-not-admit-to come true: Playboy Bunny versions of all of Gotham's Finest Villains!

Inspired by the art of Milkydayy (Oskar Vega) and photographed by Greg DeStefano, cast your peepers at Batman's Rogue Gallery: Playboy Bunny style!

Playboy Bunny Poison Ivy. I be-leaf I am in love!

Riddle me this, Playboy Bunny Riddler: What's incapable of rational thought because all of the blood has left it's brain? Answer: me.

Playboy Bunny Penguin. Is that a trick umbrella in my pocket, or am I just happy to see you?

Playboy Bunny Harley Quinn. Too stunned to come up with a pun.

Playboy Bunny Mr. Freeze. I'd take a frost-bite of that!

Playboy Bunny Joker. Don't forget your rubber...chicken!

Playboy Bunny Catwoman. Purrr-fect!

Playboy Bunny Two-Face. Head's up!

Playboy Bunny Scarecrow. Scary hot!

This photoset was discovered via The Mary Sue


  1. I like the scarecrow one the best out of all of them, Im not sure what that says about me :/

  2. The Scarecrow and Harley are my favorites!

  3. Definitely have some curious stirrings in my utility belt right now. I say everyone in that line up is guilty as charged. Woot!