Teddy Ruxpin's Caterpillar pal Grubby

Teddy Ruxpin was a 1980s phenomenon. The animatronic cassette-playing bear that read books and sang to kids was a massive hit, sparking a marketing juggernaut that even included a Saturday morning cartoon.

Everyone remembers Teddy Ruxpin, but do you remember his caterpillar pal Grubby?

For some odd reason, I do remember Grubby. Probably because of the commercials and the cartoon, because I watched cartoons then and still watch cartoons to this day - you can never be to old to watch cartoons. NEVER!

When T.R. hit the scene I was too old, however, to own a Teddy Ruxpin. But I do have a little sister who was the prime target age range. She did not end up with a Teddy Ruxpin, but did get a talking Pound Puppy named 'Cooler' that did the exact same animatronic schtick Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby did.  She was WAY into Pound Puppies. In fact, I think that Cooler is still around at my parents' house, I should track down a cassette and do a video of him singing someday. I can tell you that hours of hilarity ensued when I would put in my Weird Al cassettes back in the day!

Anyways, I found this little articulated Grubby action figure at the flea market a couple weeks ago and of course I immediately recognized him for the cute little 80s also-ran he is.

Mixed in with a basket of random McDonalds toys and other cheap junk, the seller only wanted a quarter for him. I couldn't resist, and bought him for my intern. He is dated 1985, 1986 on the base of one foot and copyright Alchemy II Inc.

Hey, I count two extra feet! INTERN, get out of the shot!


  1. Grubby! I remember this guy and there were a few other TR characters done in this scale too Eric that might be worth hunting down for your little intern as well.