Toys That Suck: Bootleg LEGO Superheroes

Since getting my hands on a bootleg LEGO Batgirl, I became curious as to what other bootleg LEGO superheroes are out there floating across the sea from China.

And what did I discover? The short answer: There are a lot of them. There are bootleg Superheroes and bootleg Simpsons (in sets with Lord of the Rings builds - those are pretty surreal!) and bootleg Ninjago and bootleg Chima and bootleg characters LEGO hasn't even made (like Punisher, Stargirl, Winter Soldier...the list goes on and on).

What's more, they can be found for incredibly cheap. Like, less than a buck each cheap. With free shipping. From China! (Don't ask me how you can ship from China for free when it costs nine bucks to send something across town! But it involves some sort of agreement with China and the USPS to encourage more eCommerce. And, apparently, copyright infringement.)

Another thing I discovered is that their quality varies from almost-as-good-as-the-real-thing to...well...this atrocity right here:

GAH! Get a load of Derperine over on the top right. And Captain Elaphantiasis on the bottom row. Not to mention Green Lanturd and Spider-Knees.

Not sure if these large head pieces are 'helmets' of sorts, that go over a regular sized LEGO minifigure style head (ala the official Iron-Man LEGO minifigures which the pictured Iron-Men are clear ripoffs).

And honestly, I'm not sure I want to know.

Via AliExpress


  1. Ha! Is that American Dad cosplaying as Captain America?

  2. Ah good old China never letting us down when it comes to some bootleg fun!

  3. Wow. I got some Fantastic Four ones a bit ago, and they were pretty good!

  4. Spider-man is a repaint on the regular LEGO figure. wait...even the original LEGO did it this way, LOL