Batman Animated Harley Quinn from DC Collectibles :: Harley Qwednesday

DC Collectibles just unveiled a look at a slew of new action figures and statues coming soon (and to be displayed at SDCC 2014) but who cares about all that other junk - what's important is this upcoming Batman: The Animated Series / The New Batman Adventures Harley Quinn action figure! A thing of sheer beauty, I believe this Harley Quinn action figure is due out December 2014. This will be mine!

Also revealed, and relevant to our interests here, was the Batman: Arkham Knight  Harley Quinn action figure. The face isn't as cute as the source material, but I will probably still pick this one up anyways.

So that's your latest Harley Quinn action figure news - very late on a late Friday night. Because Harley Qwednesday isn't just a day: it's a state of mind!


  1. I would like to start collecting the Batman animated series figures from the nineties again.

    1. They definitely are classics now, and there are some great figures in that series!

  2. To me the animated style Harley Quinn will always be to one Im drawn to , Im just not to fond of some of the variations.