Scarlet Spider LEGO Minifigure Custom

My recently acquired batch of Decool bootleg LEGO minifigures included a Spider-Man, and since I already own an official Spider-Man LEGO minifigure, I decided, what better use of a clone-brand Spider-Man than to make a cutom Clone Saga Spider-Man aka Scarlet Spider)!?!?

I haven't read a single issue of the Clone Saga, but I was deep enough into comics in the nineties to be aware of the concept. Basically, there was a clone of Peter Parker named Ben Reilly and he ran around as Spider-Man for a while, then as the Scarlet Spider, and then he probably died or something.

Anyways, his costume consisted of an all red leotard and Spider-Man mask, and a blue hoodie (sleeveless - nineties style!) so although I do not have a blue hood, I do have a black one, and I was able to use the Surgeon minifgure for the torso, and red legs and arms from random minifigures. Only the head is from the Decool bootleg.

I had to settle for white hands, because the bootleg red hands wouldn't stay in place, and I have yet to scrounge up some official LEGO red hands.

But the overall effect of a LEGO Scarlet Spider minifigure is passable enough for my needs!


  1. I have also never read anything with him in it but it still looks cool to me. Maybe you can put together a Spiderman 2099 custom.

  2. Fantastic Eric and am with Brother M we need a 2099 Spidey now. : )