Decool Bootleg LEGO Superheroes and Heath Ledger Joker

I picked up this lot of Decool LEGO Bootleg minifigures for less than forty-five cents each shipped (CHEAP!) and they arrived today!

They are all very cool, but the reason I needed this grouping in particular was to get my paws on a Heath Ledger Joker minifigure!

Since LEGO themselves haven't made (and it's a safe bet to say 'never will make') a Dark Knight Joker minifigure, this guy is a great addition to the bootleg ranks and my minifigure ranks AND my Batman collection and proves that just because you're a bootlegger doesn't mean you can't have a good original idea once in a while.

Joker comes with a laser gun - not entirely movie accurate, but I'm sure I have some LEGO knives and lint that I can loan him.

"You wanna know how I got these scars? I stepped on a goddamned LEGO in the middle of the night and as I flailed in pain I fell face first through the living-room window!"

This set also came with an Avengers Black Widow based on one of her many movie appearances...

...Captain America...this looks to be a movie version of the good Captain as well...

...Phoenix...I believe this Phoenix is a copy of an limited edition SDCC Exclusive Phoenix minifigure from a year or two ago...

...Spider-Man...who looks to be based on the recent Amazing Spider-Man film...

...and Wolverine! Not sure which costume variant Wolverine this is, but it looks legit.

Quality is damn good for less than fifty cents each. The plastic is lower quality than LEGO and the paint apps aren't as crisp on their bodies (but the faces seem pretty good) and so far with all the bootleg minifigures I've grabbed, I can't complain. They all have accessories and bases (all of the accessories make sense beyond the Joker's silly laser gun) and Wolverine, Phoenix and Black Widow even have alternate expressions on the backs of their heads.

So far in my experience with bootleg LEGO minifigures, the companies Decool and ShegYuan appear to produce some decent quality toys. They aren't perfect, but they are cheap, and if you can get a minifigure that isn't even a part of any official line-up? Well that's 'win-win' in my book.

Until I contract lead-poisoning!


  1. Going to have to start looking some of these up on Ebay.

  2. Phoenix looks awesome except for that little red triangle on her forehead?
    And every time I look at Widow I think she has a mustache!
    But, hey you can't beat the price! Have to look them up and see what else they have.

  3. I think the triangle is supposed to be the crease where her eyebrow muscles come together. Her and Black Widow honestly look better in person, but these large/upclose pics do accentuate the flaws!

  4. i believe that would be ultimate Wolverine-