Red Hood LEGO Minifigure Custom

I've had this odd red enlarged LEGO-esque piece in my LEGO stuff for as long as I can remember. And I always thought it would make a good Red Hood head (hood?) - The problem? It didn't actually fit over a minifigure's neck piece.

Well I finally busted out the drill-bits and made it fit! unfortunately, I drilled too far and instead of the little LEGO nub at top, now there's just a hole. I am considering gluing a nub up there so his head looks like an enlarged LEGO head piece, but the hole is ok for now, and only a problem if you look at him from above!

I like the effect, because Red Hood is a guy (The Joker, sometimes Jason Todd) with a helmet over his head. A simple red LEGO head piece wouldn't have had the correct effect. This looks like a LEGO red dome over a LEGO head! I added the Red Hood to a LEGO tuxedo piece I have, and gave him black gloves...maybe white gloves would be better? He is also holding a BrickArms grenade launcher.


  1. This is cool and he just needs a purple cape to wear now.

  2. I think he needs the white gloves, and a red cape! The piece looks great on him though!

  3. Ok, white gloves it is - and I agree he needs a cape. I just don't have a spare cape at the moment - maybe I can make one if I can find a suitable fabric lying around here.