Harley Quinn LEGO Minifigure Custom :: Harley Qwednesday

Digging through my LEGO boxes, I stumbled onto this black/red torso, and naturally the only good a black/red LEGO torso can serve si to become a Harley Quinn minifigure!

So a couple arm, hand and leg swaps later - along with a Geisha minifigure head and blond hair piece and 'Walla Walla!':
This Harley Quinn being a little more Arkham video-game-esque than the standard harlequin clad Harley, I gave her a dirt bike to tear (and terrorize) around LEGO Gotham City.


  1. Another great custom! You should start listing these things on ebay and make a business out of them :)

  2. Sweet! Another great one-of-a-kind custom minifig. Keep 'em coming!