Don't Burn Your Wiener! :: Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I am a subscriber to the LEGO fanclub and in their emails they include instructions for fun little builds. They recently sent out instructions for a BBQ. I modified their build based on the pieces I have and came up with the BBQ pictured above.

And who better to warm their wiener on this fine three day weekend than Homer Simpson?


  1. Very cool!I tried getting into legos but there was never a spark.I even picked up a couple GI Joe Kreos to see if that would raise incentive,but i ended up trading those away lol.I may give it one more shot,though,when all's said and done.Sorry about the lengthy response and happy labor day 2u2 ;)

  2. Haha, really love the picture and your modified build :) It looks cool!

    I always loved LEGOs, the last model bought was their biggest ever - Lego Technic Unimog - one awesome kit!

    Btw. nice blog :)

    Take care,
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