At LEGO Land they have bins of random minifigure bits, and allow you to build custom minifigures for purchase.

My intern went to LEGO Land a few weeks ago. I was otherwise indisposed (with SDCC!) so I was unable to attend. But I told the Mrs. that the best souvenir I could possibly imagine would be for my intern to make me a LEGO minifigure.

I was overjoyed with the result. While I only expected a random minfigure made by my intern, she literally made ME a minifigure!

She used a minifigure head with a beard and glasses (totally accurate) and added a hat (accurate when my hair gets too long), added a tie died t-shirt and vest (while I do live in Santa Cruz I own no tie-die) and red pants (ok, she lost me here)...and a shovel.

I can't explain the shovel.

But whatever. How awesome is this? My daughter made me a minifigure...by making ME a minifigure!

I will cherish this forever.


  1. Very nice LEGO you (or SigFig as they're known amongst AFOLs)! There's nothing like having a toy version of yourself and LEGO is your best bet of owning one. And the fact that your intern made it, priceless! :)