Hot Rod Lincoln LEGO

'Four-Barrels and Seven Camshafts ago...'
One of my favorite things from the LEGO movie was Abraham Lincoln flying around in his Lincoln Memorial/Mobius Chair. So much so that when I got my hands on the Abe Lincoln minifigure I immediately built one of my own.

But LEGO are built to be re-built!

I grew bored of looking at my Lincoln Space Chair on my desk at work. So first I simply attached the chair to a LEGO Droideka that was also sitting on my desk, just for a change, giving it land-level mobility. But that was too simple and kind of un-inspired.

Then, as I thought of what I could possibly do to spice up Lincoln's Memorial it dawned on me: A Hot Rod Lincoln for Lincoln!

I kept the granite aesthetic, and just built the memorial/seat into a Hot Rod. I originally planned to use the Gettysburg Address piece for the hood, but was unable to locate it. Instead, I found this little 'trophy' piece that came with a soccer player or somesuch, and realized it made the perfect hood ornament! If only it had a tiny stovepipe hat too.

In staying with the all white/granite look I kept things smooth. None of the circle bits (what are those called? They must have a scientific name!) are visible. And the only grey is the motor (which I couldn't avoid because I don't have white motor pieces) and the exhaust tips. But I am glad for the few grey bits - along with the hood ornament they lend the perfect Hot Rod aesthetic to Lincoln's Hot Rod Lincoln.

I'm on the fence about possibly adding bigger rear wheels. I think these are big but not too big. Possibly 'just right.' Lincoln isn't a show-boater after all.

Also note the axe on the trunk. Perfect for building log cabins or fighting zombies...I can't remember which one was an actual hobby of the Great Emancipator, but I am certain he at least dabbled in both.

As with all my LEGO builds, it took many revisions to get to this point, and I will probably revise some more as I find more relevant pieces or think of other things this Hot Rod Lincoln needs. I considered putting Lincoln's head on the body of the Greaser Mechanic minifigure, but he too has thus far eluded me.

Regardless, this is indeed a build I am very proud of and I will probably keep it in one piece for a long time!


  1. So cool! I never thought too much about the little sticky-out bits having a name. I guess they're nubs. Or nodules? Sticky-out bits I guess!

  2. Fighting zombies? Honest Abe totally fought vampires, not zombies.

    Also, love this concept. How cool would it be if Lego tackled all of he US Presidents at some point? Might be a bit out of their focus since they're not a US based company, but still would be pretty awesome.

    1. I missed the Revolutionary Soldier from wave 10, which is a perfect GW stand-in. http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/Revolutionary_Soldier If I ever find one a Washington Monument Dragster is on my drawing board and ready to come to life!