In Disguise! Turtle Titan Michaelangelo :: Countdown to Halloween 2014

Ninja Turtle in disguise!

Back in 2004 I wasn't collecting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But there were a couple being released in conjunction with the updated toon of the time that I just couldn't resist. Usagi Yojimbo, Toddler Turtles, and this guy: Turtle Titan Michaelangelo.

Being an unabashed superhero fan and a not yet fully realized TMNT fan, I just had to pick this guy up off the toy aisle shelves.

I've never seen the episode wherein this iteration of Michaelangelo appeared, but from what I understand Mikey was inspired by a superhero called Silver Sentry, and decided to model himself into a superhero, coming up with the Turtle Titan identity.

Turtle Titan is a great action figure. His articulation is good - ball jointed shoulders and hips, neck, elbow and wrist swivels - but his sculpt and pose limits the articulation's value.

But he's such a wonderful figure visually that his pose limitations are completely forgivable.

Turtle Titan Mikey came with an arm mounted turtle shell shield and a grappling hook.

I have no idea why his left hand is sculpted like this unless part of Turtle Titans' powers was to tell everyone they are a bunch of losers.

I just love when characters go one-level-up. A mutated ninja-trained turtle isn't enough for you? How about a mutated ninja-trained turtle dressed up like a superhero?


I'd love to see a modern update of Turtle Titan in the new cartoon and toyline, but honestly I doubt this guy can be improved upon.


  1. Seeing this figure has me wondering again, why hasn't Nickelodeon released this entire season on DVD/BD yet?
    The new cartoon has really grown on me, after watching the first season felt more like an obligation, but the 2003 series is still my favorite and I'd love to have it so my daughter can enjoy it too.

    1. They haven't? That's odd.

      I haven't seen many episodes from this or the current series, but I've liked what I've seen from both.

    2. I'm with Clark. Why isn't this series on DVD? It's so darn good. At least a lot of it is on YouTube.

      Fun figure for sure!

  2. The few episodes I saw of the 2003 series were actually pretty good. It was definitely a little more mature than the original series, without being too serious.

    I'm rather fond of the toyline from that series too, though some of the preposed sculpts look a little annoying. Mikey here looks great though.