Wanna Play?! LEGO Ghoul Girl Series 12 Minifigure :: Countdown to Halloween 2014

LEGO blind bagged minifigures Series 12 are hitting the shelves this month, and while I think series 12 is one of the least inspired waves of all, there is at least one gem in the bunch.

That gem is this little ghost girl right here, and she's just in time for Halloween!

Wednesday Addams? Emily Strange? The Nate the Great character 'Rosamond' whom the creators of Emily Strange blatantly ripped-off? The girl from The Ring? Lydia Deetz?

Obviously this ghostly school-girl is no one specific, but was inspired by a concept deeply ingrained in our pop-culture psyche: the mysterious, very prim, cute in a murderous sort of way Goth girl who may or may not be dead/evil/a witch/a ghost/1,000 years old. Whoever she is, she's wonderful. I would put her in the top five of LEGO's entire 12 series blind bag run!

Ghoul Girl comes with a little matching bear (who seems to have lost one of his button eyes. 'Will you help me find it?' may be heard in the middle of the night, echoing from some-no-where like a breathless whisper), a cloth skirt (which are generally a pain, I'd prefer it be painted on, but it's cute on Wednesday here) and a more rubberized hairpiece instead of the general LEGO plastic.

Sadly she does not glow in the dark, which is a massive missed opportunity. But I absolutely love her black/white/grey color scheme. She looks like she stepped right out of a black and white movie or tv show!


  1. I dig this one too. Love that spider tucked in her pocket.

  2. This was one of the 4 female figures I had to have from series 12, along with Katniss Everdeen. I love that teddy bear!

    1. I also picked up the Genie, but she has nothing to do with Halloween, so I won't blog about her until November.

  3. Man, these Lego minifigures' concepts are getting deep.

    I feel like I know which character this should be based on, but I can't think of it to save my life.

  4. That was my most wanted of the new series. And we got her!

  5. She's my favorite for sure. I finally got her. But I don't understand how the skirt is supposed to work? This is my first cloth skirt minifig.

  6. LEGO skirts are kind of lame. There will be a 'gap' somewhere, at a corner or at the back, depending on how you start putting it on. Basically, you slip one hole over one leg peg, circle it around her body, and place the second hole over the second peg.