Roller Derby Harley Quinn Action Figure Coming (not) Soon (enough)!

DC Collectibles just released these beautiful images of their upcoming Roller Derby Harley Quinn action figure, based on her recent appearance as, well, Roller Derby Harley Quinn, in the...you guessed it...Harley Quinn monthly series.

If there was ever a variant version of Harley Quinn I could get behind...

...get your minds out of the gutter...

...it is this one. Seriously. I am sitting here typing this after discovering this news and I am literally wearing a roller derby Harley Quinn t-shirt I got from TeeFury a few weeks ago. I am absolutely the target market for this specific action figure, and I cannot wait to see her in person.

Roller Derby Harley Quinn will be available July 2015 at a comic shop near you. Not soon enough, if you ask me!

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  1. Actually her as a Roller Girl makes total sense to me and while am not into this character like you are Eric I really dig this figure.