ShengYuan Batman and Batcycle BootLEGO

Another Batman BootLEGO set I picked up in my latest eBay batch is this basic Batman with Batcycle.

The Batcycle is a clone of the one that comes with the official LEGO Batcave set. It's a nice, solid build and although LEGO included a sticker, the batsymbol is printed on this bootleg version.

Batman again only has one face printed on his head. He also has a cheaper cape than the LEGO version. Otherwise ShengYuan is putting out some high quality bootlegs and you'd be hard pressed to find a reason not to own this guy, especially because they are so dang cheap!

A caveat: this Batcycle build did come missing a part. Fortunately I have enough LEGO to have a replacement, but it wasn't a 'basic' piece nor was it an inconsequential piece. Had I not been able to replace it I would not have been happy, and I am not sure how the Chinese bootleg sellers are when it comes to replacements. I'm also in no hurry to find out, because I can't imagine they really care when yo only spend a couple bucks to begin with. But I don't know so I can't make a definitive statement. Either way: buy at your own risk, but so far all my experiences have been worth the risk.

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  1. I like it! The bike reminds me of the Bat-Pod from the recent movies and classic Batman is always a solid choice.