Open the door, get on the floor: It's time for Tim Mee Dinosaurs!

The folks at Tim Mee also sent me a bag of their Dinosaurs! When I was a kid I had TONS of these little plastic dinosaurs. I loved them and could spend hours playing with them in the yard or on the floor of my room or the living room.

Let's take a look at the assortment Tim Mee has available now:

Ankylosaurs. These little tanks are the unstoppable forces of the dinosaur world. Even Tyrannosaurus rex can't bite through that armor! And that tail - WHAMMO! Like a mace to the face!

Dimetrodons. Not much on offense, but those sails keep them from becoming lunch.

Diplodocus. Or as we called them when I was a kid: Brontosaurus. I especially love the behind-the-science of these old school dinosaur toys. Dragging tails and upright postures; we've come a long way kids!

Hadrosaurs. I loved these 'duck billed dinosaurs' as a kid. Something about a dinosaur that was nothing more than a giant duck is pretty appealing. He's no threat, unless you have a giant loaf of bread you need to jeep safe.

Wooly Mammoths! Who doesn't love these guys? And we never cared as kids that they didn't exist in the time of dinosaurs, because GIANT HAIRY ELEPHANTS! Good times.

And speaking of good times:

Sabertooth Tigers! These guys were always bad to the fossilized bone. Those teeth may never have actually had any practical function in real life, but THOSE TEETH!

Stegosaurus was another favorite when I was a kid. Primarily because in the first or second grade I learned how to draw them from a drawing book I checked out from the school library.That whole year I drew stegosaurus all over the school. I was legend.

Triceratops. The lethal horns on these guys, coupled with the shield on the back of his head, made this guy the primary contender to the king of the dinosaurs...

Tyrannousarus Rex. What can I say about this guy? He's the king, baby!

Having these dinosaurs around again really brings back memories. My intern loves to play with them too, she asks me if I want to play 'dinosaur fight' and then we end up making them things to eat, feeding them tea, and taking them to the doctor. I don't think she knows what 'dinosaur fight' means.

*Toyriffic was sent this set for review from the manufacturer. You can get yours at Amazon.


  1. I don't care that he didn't exist, he'll always be Brontosaurus to me.

    It does make me a little sad that all those dinosaur books I read as a child are pretty much all wrong now. I can't even begin to imagine what else they'll figure out as time goes on.

    I think Tim Mee missed a golden opportunity by not putting these out in the jumbo size. They would have been the perfect size next to all their other figures.

  2. Can't go wrong with plastic dinos.