Hero World Mr. Freeze by Fisher-Price

I only picked up a handful of the now defunct Fisher-Price Hero World DC Superhero action figures when they were in stores. These guys basically amounted to large scale Imaginext figures in their design and target audience, and it appears Fisher-Price decided to put all their effort into that smaller scale line.

I snagged Mr. Freeze here when the line was being clearanced out at Toys R Us over a year ago. And by 'The Line' I mean the fifty Mr. Freezes, Penguins and Green Lanterns Toys R Us had let clog their shelves for what seemed like half a decade. Letting old product clog shelves until people got sick of them and never making space for new product may very well have been a factor in the line's death too.

Anyways, Mr. Freeze is fun in this basically articulated figural form. I like the white/light blue color scheme. He has a bit of an astronaut vibe to him.

All the Hero World figures had an 'action feature.' Mr. Freeze's makes little sense - roll a dial on his back and an ice shield pops up in front of his face. Maybe this emulates what happens when his containment suit is compromised, or...I can't imagine what else it could be. It would have been cooler (pun intended) if it had been some sort of robo-armor or even ice sculpted armor or something, instead of just an icy layer of nothingness. Oh well, at least it's an action feature that can easily be ignored if one so chooses.

Hero World figures also came with an accessory, often in the form of a separate figure. Mr. Freeze came with his companion...

...Ice Bear. Wait, what?

I don't remember Mr. Freeze ever hanging out with living ice in any form, let alone that of a bear. Again, this would have made much more sense if it had been an actual Polar Bear, or even a robotic bear of some sort. But I do have to admit that clear/ice/crystal action figures are pretty awesome, so the fact that this bear falls into that category makes up somewhat for the lack of logic in his existence.

Ice Bear also gets an action feature, one a bit less lame than his partner. Spin the dial on Ice Bear's back and his arm waves up and down. I mean claws and disembowels Batman. Yeah, that's much more exciting.

Bonus pic: Mr. Freeze is in scale and looks pretty good paired with the new TMNT Rocksteady action figure!


  1. Neat toy, although the action figure and ice bear are a bit weird.

    1. True, and no ice cannon seems like a missed opportunity too.

  2. I think my Wal-Mart still has a Freeze or Joker sitting around on "clearance." And when I saw clearance for Wal-Mart, I mean that he has a red price tag instead of the standard white one.