Sewer Heroes Super Don :: When Fandoms Collide

"Back off man, I'm a scientist!"
Way back in 1993 Playmates released Donatello and Michelangelo as superheroes (and Rocksteady and Bebop as supervillains) in their Sewer Heroes subline. Why no Super Leo or Super Raph? Only the Shadow knows!

Even though he's called 'Super Don', this version of Donatello was clearly inspired by Batman. The dark colors, grimacing features and pointy 'ears' all point towards the Dark Knight Dona-tective. Which is of course why I have been jonesing for this guy for years. I am a huge fan of Batman and TMNT (surprise!), so anything that combines the two is a-ok by me!

I've owned both Super Mike and Mighty Bebop of this subline, but until this past weekend I've never come across a Super Don in my second-hand toy hunting. Also, neither of the other figures I owned from this subline were in as good condition as this Super Don, who is in great good condition and is super-clean (ok, maybe he needs a little dusting, but otherwise...).

Plus, he only cost me a dollar! Patience pays off once again as I am now the proud owner of Super Don thanks to my local flea market.


  1. He's a great figure to have in the collection. Funny enough, he's the only one out of the TMNT superhero line I had!

    1. I'm glad to have found him, and without missing 'ears' or other issues!

  2. I have always thought this one looked cool.

  3. Strange that they would have gone with Don as their version of the Dark Knight, instead of Raph. If anything, Don should have been a TMNT version of Iron Man or Mr. Fantastic.

    It is strange that Leo and Raph never got any superhero personas. Now we'll never have a TMNT version of the Justice League.

  4. I always like the quirky side of the 90's TMNT, it shows how much imagination went into them. Fun. Good catch !