Batman Bendable Figures by NJCroce

This set of '66 Television Batman Bendable Figures came to me this past Christmas. It's the perfect set for me and my intern to play with together - in fact, right after this photo shoot they were all riding around on Dumbo, looking for Dumbo's mom. Sounds like a Grant Morrison story.

All the figures are pretty good representations of the actors they portray, especially considering the fact that they are soft rubber bendies.

The paint applications are basic, but Batman and Robin do have nice cloth capes. These guys feel pretty sturdy for rubber bendies, I think they will withstand a lot of intern-time.

Joker and Penguin have thicker upper legs due to their coattails, so their legs don't have as much bendy motion as the others.

But that doesn't make these guys any less fun. They are what they are, you pretty much know what to expect if you've ever had a bendy figure in your life.

Bendy figures were a part of my youth as much as little green army men and die cast cars and regular action figures. Not sure when they fell out of favor but you don't really see much of them much these days.

So it's fun to see them again, and to see them representing characters (or versions of characters) that represent the timeframe of the bendy renaissance. Well, I can't speak for 1966, but the Batman tv show was certainly a part of 70s and 80s childhoods, at least in reruns.

All of these characters are also sold as singles, in case you aren't in the market for the whole quintet.

And so far this is everyone from the '66 TV show in bendy form. Which is a shame, as I really think they need Batgirl's help! Three villains and two heroes? That's just not fair.

Plus: Batman and Robin are way too chivalrous to punch Catwoman.

I don't know if you can find these guys at basic retail, but I have seen them at local novelty shops. You know, those stores that sell, well, stuff like bendy figures.

'Wah wah wah wah waaaaaah!'


  1. The details on these are surprisingly nice!

    1. It's true, they do look really nice. Definitely worth getting a hold of.

  2. We hope to find a loose Joker some day....

  3. Very cool!How about some Avengers bendies ,next ;)

  4. Replies
    1. A Gorshin Riddler is available as a single carded figure!

  5. Late reply, I know; but as of today there's a Batgirl bendy figure for sale. That makes a total 7 figures, 3 heroes and 4 villains! Glad I got hold of this set, along with the Limited Edition DVD Box Set, it's an awesome way to remember the iconic TV series and to honor the late, great Adam West. RIP Bright Knight!

    1. Yes, I haven't picked up Batgirl (or Riddler) but I really need to!