Bombshell Batwoman Cosplay by Lisa Lou Who

We've previously seen the incredible Lisa Lou Who here at Toyriffic cosplaying as Ballerina Harley Quinn.
Today we throw our peepers at Ms. Who all dolled up as 'Bombshell Batwoman':

Rarely is a cosplayer able to surpass the source material so absolutely...

I've literally looked at this picture a hundred times, and only just now realized that even the bat matches the source illustration. I suppose I should give myself some credit for even noticing that there was a bat in the picture to begin with.

Be sure to check out more of Lisa's incredible cosplay over at her Facebook page.


  1. This is one of the main reasons I want to go to a comic book convention. Some of these costumes are just amazing.

    I particularly like the baseball bat and the painted mask. Both are very nice touches.